Easy-to-use, efficient & repairable tools for farming

Agricultural Machinery Manufacture of Seeders, Dibblers & other sowing related equipment

From farmers to farmers

The Aquaponics Lab works closely with farmers to understand the challenges and needs of the smallholding community

We fabricate customized seeders, dibblers & other sowing tools utilizing advanced manufacturing technologies. They are designed to provide a hassle-free operation, increase the efficiency of the farming operation and be serviceable 

Our equipment is compatible with most seed trays in the market, some of the brands we support are Containerwise, Garland, Proptek, Modiform, etc... Example: Seeder for Containerwise 77H

Additionally, we provide advice on how to optimize processes within the farm's operation, either remotely or on-site

The surplus of our commercial activities is used to fund the development of open-source technologies to advance sustainable and affordable farming. The first open-source devices we designed were related to aquaculture and hydroponics: air-actuated water valves, monitoring systems, and a fish feeder, that's why we are the “Aquaponics Lab”

Farm gate in the countryside hills
Farmers working in the farm
Tree seedling nursery featuring a water sprinkler
3D design of an customized dibbler spike
3D printing of the dibbler spikes
Bespoke dibbler with the customized spikes
CAD design of bespoke seeder
Laser cutting of the customised seeder design
Bespoke seeder with customised seed plates for individual seed varieties


"Proactive, highly skilled team with deep agricultural expertise. Aquaponics Lab is an ideal partner, blending technical excellence with a fantastic team of passionated people, caring, and genuinely committed to sustainability and innovation. They are dedicated to delivering top-notch results to their partners, setting the bar high in sustainable agriculture."

Glenn C 

Paris - France

"Great product- seeder and dibber. As a small-scale commercial veggie producer at Incredible Farm, time-saving devices are key to improving efficiency- that's why I love using the Aquaponics Lab seeder and dibber. I use the seeder for bulk seeding of brassicas and spinach. They work well, the dibber preps holes in cell tray for seeding and can also be used to pop plants out ready for planting out. Great job! Nice company, easy to communicate with."

Mike S

Todmorden - UK

A Full Service Experience

Seeder customized for seed variety and sowing density

Bespoke Seeders

Dibbler customised for seed size and sowing depth

Custom-Built Dibblers

Analysis of sowing requirements: Seed distribution and quantity

 Requirement Analysis 

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